Annette Lynch Athlete Transition SpecialistHave Annette Lynch come to you to present and teach her signature Success beyond Sport program – from keynote to 2 day workshops.

Using accelerated learning techniques, the workshops take participants through the 8 steps, incorporating exercises and processes to promote a shift in the thinking of participants. These workshops promote engagement which can heighten the learning and transformation for the individual.

A 1 day workshop covers the 8 steps, with the focus on

  • Goals and purpose beyond sport
  • Self-belief
  • Identity beyond being an athlete

A 2 day workshop is recommended for athletes already retired or about to retire. The 8 steps are covered in greater details as well as taking participants through powerful visualizations that assist with the transition. This workshop elaborates on Values and their effect on results and participants leave the workshop with a plan of action to ensure long lasting change.

Workshops include:

  • Training Manuals;
  • Writing and Interactive Exercises; AND
  • Mind-transforming visualizations to facilitate change.

Neuro-linguistic programming and other tools for the mindset are used to empower the thoughts of participants.

Participants can be further supported beyond the workshop with the following extra services:

  • Follow-up email reviews, support and newsletter (can be specifically branded for team/organization)
  • Tele-conference – bonus information plus Q & A
  • Copy of the book
  • Bonus interviews and resources in the membership section of Includes interviews on finance, strategy, relationships, media, etc.

Workshops can be videoed to provide an ongoing resource.

Suitable for Active & Retired Athletes from college level through to professional and elite.

Contact Us to discuss Annette speaking to your athletes.

Other Workshop topics:

  • G.A.M.E. – Goal Achievement Made Easy
  • Winning Confidence
  • Champion Values;
  • Communication Mastery
  • Presentation Skills.

Annette Lynch is a dynamic inspirational and motivational speaker.  She will give your audience specific tools that they can use to make changes in their lives and create the success they want.

Benefits for Athletes and Students that participate in these workshops include:

  • Increased performance in key focus area of life (eg finance, career, relationships, health)
  • Increased achievement of goals
  • Improved life balance
  • Improved behavior on and off the sporting field
  • Living on purpose
  • Enhanced connections and relationships
  • Expanded sense of identity
  • Preparedness for smooth transition to life beyond sport
  • Improved personal management skills, including time management and planning
  • Fulfillment, happiness, inner power……and more.