Talking Life and Success beyond Sport (Podcast)

I was interviewed by Ali Watts of Ali Fitness about my journey beyond the Olympics and sport.  You can catch it here at Ali Fitness Podcast.

When you devote your life to a single ambition, moving on after that chapter closes can be incredibly difficult. You may start to question your self-worth, or even wonder, “Who am I now?” The transition to life after sport can be especially tough for retired professional athletes who struggle to cultivate a new identity and new dreams.

Ali and I discussed:

  • When athletes should start thinking about the transition to a life beyond sport
  • What I would have done differently to make transition easier
  • The greatest post-sport challenges for athletes
  • The depression many athletes feel after professional career is over
  • How I navigated the difficult transition to life after sport
  • How NLP helped Annette change her mindset
  • The power of visualization
  • Annette’s advice for young athletes not yet thinking about retirement
  • The one thing athletes struggling with transition can do to move forward
  • Where athletes can turn for support in making the transition
  • My eight step process to achieve success beyond sport

Listen and check out the “cheat notes” at

AuthorAnnette Lynch

Annette Lynch is an Olympian, Inspirational Speaker, Author, NLP Practitioner and Athlete Transition specialist - she has coached, taught and inspired audiences world-wide with her Olympic dream, the champion mindset and her recipe for success. "Success beyond Sport' is her 8-Step guide to redesigning life in a 2nd career, combining Annette's experience with her studies and qualifications as a Master Results Coach and NLP Practitioner. Her book is available on Amazon and Smashwords.