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5 Lessons from The Open Championships, Golf

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I used to wonder why anyone would ever watch golf.  I expected it to be slow and boring on TV but over the last several years I’ve gotten hooked, even before the rise of Jordan Spieth. I love the tension that arises

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Setting new priorities beyond sport

Re-prioritize your life

When your are active in a professional sporting career, you have priorities that optimize your ability to compete.  You would have priorities around health, fitness, team and perhaps even money and winning.  How you rank your priorities will determine your

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Back yourself to Win

Eye of the tiger - sustained, controlled aggression with courage - Success beyond Sport

If anything stands out as most important to your ability to win, it is this – how much you are prepared to back yourself! I talked about it in Persistence that goes on beyond Sport and it deserves repeating and elaborating.

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