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Talking Life and Success beyond Sport (Podcast)

I was interviewed by Ali Watts of Ali Fitness about my journey beyond the Olympics and sport.  You can catch it here at Ali Fitness Podcast. When you devote your life to a single ambition, moving on after that chapter

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Setting new priorities beyond sport

Re-prioritize your life

When your are active in a professional sporting career, you have priorities that optimize your ability to compete.  You would have priorities around health, fitness, team and perhaps even money and winning.  How you rank your priorities will determine your

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Athlete Identity Beyond Sport – Who Are You?

More than an athlete beyond sport

A life committed to sport can result in a strong identification as an athlete and even specifically with the sport that you play. It’s like we put ourselves in a box with a label and that is all we are. How do you go beyond the athlete identity once the sporting career is over?

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Taking charge of life after sport – It’s up to you!

I have been researching and focusing on athlete transition for over 6 years and it’s been great to see the upward trend of greater awareness and information on the topic, from articles to TV programs. What frustrates me is that

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7 Steps to Changing the Game

Playing a new game beyond sport

Everyone goes through some major changes in life – coming of age; career changes; parenthood; retirement; and more. For athletes, a dramatic change might come earlier in life than expected with the end of a sporting career. These times can

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Personal Leadership

Are you leading your life or do you feel like life is leading you? Are you taking charge of decisions on a daily basis or do you feel like you have no choice? Personal leadership is about knowing that at

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