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Thanks for visiting here and considering me as a speaker for your next event. I have been a top performer in many areas of my life, as an Olympian and beyond sport, and I know how to inspire people to excel to get better results.

Through my insightful presentations your guests will be empowered with simple game-changing strategies that they can take action on immediately.

Presentations are entertaining, engaging AND educational.  I tap into my extensive experience and study of success, to incorporate both stories and science into the presentations.

I wrote, “Success beyond Sport  to guide retired athletes with the transition to a career in business.  The 8-step guide has found a wider audience with those who want to have the mindset of a champion athlete and be game changers themselves.

I look forward to sharing the Olympian mindset with you and your audience.

Thank you
Annette Lynch (formerly Huygens-Tholen)

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“Our university’s intercollegiate athletics gala was poised to surpass the million dollar mark in raising funds for our athletics program; we needed substance, style and sparkle. Annette Lynch, in her inimitable style, embodied all three of these. Her message was spot on: believe in yourself and persist, despite the odds. Our students – and the general audience which included top executives in our community — were able to relate to her message because it came from the heart. An added draw was that our Woman’s Volleyball is one of two top regional sports for our university and we have recently begun a sand volleyball program.

Annette earned a gold medal this year at our event and made all of us in the audience the ultimate winners.

Chaminade University, Hawaii

Diane Peters-Nguyen, Vice President of Institutional Advancement, Chaminade University

“More than just an accomplished speaker and presenter, Annette has remarkable talent for taking a big picture concept and chunking it down to a detailed product. I engaged Annette to develop and craft a number of safety presentations and trainings for delivery to a range of people occupied in heavy mining and related industries. Annette delivered a comprehensive product consisting of valuable content, well-constructed slide shows, manuals and training logistics. She fulfilled what I had requested in a most timely and professional manner. Her presentations and trainings are pertinent and engaging. Annette powerfully facilitates accelerated teaching methods by audience participation and engagement.  Her interesting life story combined with her remarkable delivery skills is captivating.”

Mick Storch, The Bullion Group, http://www.thebulliongroup.com.au/

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Heather Porter, Internet Marketing Strategist AutoPilot Your Business

“As an international speaker I have seen many speakers on the platform. Annette is one of those speakers who can very quickly capture the hearts and mind of and audience. Her interesting life story combined with her excellent skill at clearly delivering a message keeps her audience captivated and coming back for more each and every time. “
Johnnie Cass, International Speaker/Trainer, Unlimited Success

“As a speaker, Annette is very engaging and holds the interest of her audience – audiences of all ages!  The first time I heard Annette speak, I felt motivated and immediately looked forward to hearing her speak again.  For the Soroptimist International Maui Girl Empowerment workshop, Annette willingly agreed to be our keynote speaker.  The young women were riveted and inspired by Annette’s story.  Annette kept their attention through her verbal support and active descriptions as well as the visual aid that she used to show what she was talking about.  The young women were able to see what it takes to be successful and hear it presented in a professional way.  Thank you Annette!”
Sunny Gutierrez, Common Ground Mediation Services LLC

“The first time I ever saw Annette speak I was inspired by her story, it made me look at where I was headed in life and who I needed to be in order to achieve that. Now, 5 years later, I have had the pleasure of seeing her speak multiple times always transforming a audience through her great teaching and I am living the life I visioned back then. Thanks Annette”
Kahlia Ericson (Spencer Conferences & Events- www.SpencerCE.com.au)

“Ryko appreciated you tailoring your message to our meeting focus. Your success principles easily transfer from sports to business. Thanks for sharing your experience and heart with us!”
Steve L’Heureux, CEO, Ryko Solutions, Inc. www.ryko.com

“Annette is unique….

….She was the best presenter and educator I have come across in my many years of seminars and trainings. She filled the days with so much more learning, insights and understandings. Time flew. Alert, aware, considerate and so much more – she explained everything in as much detail as necessary – and with great patience. I would like to thank her for being there for us. “
Anna Casey, Performance & Results Consultant, http://www.annacasey.ie/

“Annette was the trainer for my NLP certification at both practitioner and master practitioner levels. Quite simply, Annette was brilliant. She is insightful, engaging and fun. I look forward to seeing her on the platform again soon.”
Brian Downes, Plan For Life Performance Consulting & Training

“Annette’s presentations were received incredibly well with staff and members commenting on how well prepared Annette was and indeed on the value of the content and manner in which she presented it. I intend to get Annette back to do more presentations in the future and would not hesitate to recommend her as a presenter for any organization or individual. She has a pleasant presentation style and shows great versatility in the topics that she is able to present.

Personally I loved the little anecdotal stories she threw in to keep us all on our seats… “

Kirsten Blake, General Manager, Sandstorm Sports

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