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BeDohave2Are you leading your life or do you feel like life is leading you? Are you taking charge of decisions on a daily basis or do you feel like you have no choice?

Personal leadership is about knowing that at any moment you have choice in how to be, how to act and what to have in your life. It is about being conscious of the choices you are making.Many people think that their emotions are caused by other people or situations. There is actually a split-second of decision about what the situation means in order for you to feel that way.

Change the meaning and you change the way you feel.

People will have different reactions to life events – take losing a job or project.

The person who takes this to be terrible and focuses on the loss will respond differently to the person who believes this can be a good thing and an opportunity for even better things. These two people will feel differently and consequently will take different actions.

Personal leadership can be broken down to who you need to be, do and have. And that is the best order for these words. Poor personal leadership results when a person is focused on, and waiting to have or see results before they take action or before they start behaving like the kind of person they want to be now.


When you have strong personal leadership you have confidence, you have an inner strength and belief that you make things happen. This confidence is not dependant on external results or feedback. If you are waiting to see results or hear praise before you can be confident then you might be waiting for some time.

An effective personal leader has intent with their day and their moments so that they take charge of their emotions, actions and their results. A personal leader is also authentic – authentic with their feelings, authentic with their current state of results and authentic with others. There is no need to wear a mask and be ashamed of oneself when you take ownership of your true self and know that you are okay exactly as you are.


One needs to take action and make decisions to get results and though this is done with thought and planning, there is no time for delay or procrastination. A personal leader aims for excellence in everything they do and puts in 100%. They are playing to win, not over others but to win for themselves, knowing that everyone can win.

Personal leadership is about continual improvement studying how one can do things differently and better – to make life even more fulfilling. The actions of a personal leader are focused in order to reach success earlier and easier.


A personal leader focuses on who they are being and what they are doing and as a consequence, have the results they desire. They achieve their goals on a consistent basis and have the lifestyle and the things they want.

Through personal leadership one creates a knowing and trust that anything is possible if one truly desires it, takes aim and applies oneself to do whatever it takes to succeed.

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AuthorAnnette Lynch

Annette Lynch is an Olympian, Inspirational Speaker, Author, NLP Practitioner and Athlete Transition specialist - she has coached, taught and inspired audiences world-wide with her Olympic dream, the champion mindset and her recipe for success. "Success beyond Sport' is her 8-Step guide to redesigning life in a 2nd career, combining Annette's experience with her studies and qualifications as a Master Results Coach and NLP Practitioner. Her book is available on Amazon and Smashwords.

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