Recordings and transcriptions of interviews on topics to further assist your success.

Interview with Bronwyn Boyle – Understanding the Olympian Archetype

PortraitBronwynHave a new appreciation for the challenges faced when retiring from sport.

Bronwyn Boyle is an International Archetypal Consultant helping people understand their deeper underlying patterns.  Why do you do the things that you do?  Knowing your archetypal makeup is a journey of understanding your core motivations and enables you to create and live, with volition, all of who you are.

Bronwyn introduces what archetypes are and how they influence you.  We talk about the OLYMPIAN ARCHETYPE and the ATHLETE ARCHETYPE. How do they differ.  What does this mean for a retiring athlete?  How does this archetype play out in life both during and after sport?

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Kerri and Hugh NorleyEvolve your Health

  • Has the weight slipped on since you stopped playing sport?
  • Are diets not working for you?
  • Isn’t it time to regain your health and vitality?

Listen to Keri & Hugh Norley talk about their secrets to weight loss. Having dealt with their own pains and weight loss issues, for the past 8 years, they have been studying and working in the industry of health and wellness. It is their passion. Over the years, they have became specialists in fat loss helping hundreds of people.

Maintaining a healthy weight is more than just eating the right type and quantity of food. Your thoughts and habits could be affecting your ability to be healthy.

Find out why they are getting amazing results with their clients and how you can too. Learn:

  • The biggest mistake people make when setting their fat loss goal
  • The direct correlation between stress and the fat on your body
  • What you need to do to help reduce stress in your life and lose the fat?

Hugh specializes in helping people target fat from specific areas of the body. You no longer need to have surgery to get rid of flabby butt or arms, fat belly, or love handles. Keri loves working with the mind. Many people know what they “should do” to lose weight, but still struggle to do that. She loves to help people sort through the “stuff” that is keeping them from achieving their fat loss goals.


Interview with Elise James DeCruise – Get Job Ready for your 2nd Career

Get your Resume up-to-date and learn how to prepare for a new career. Explore your options for your new career in life after sport in this interview with Elise James De-Cruise, Founder of AthletesWork.  Elise will share with you her personal experience from the competitive and corporate world.

Elise was a standout basketball player at both high school and then Robert Morris University, where she was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2005.   Excelling at her studies in Communication, Elise was ready for the next phase. “After graduating, I never looked back. I knew I wanted to help student-athletes, provide job readiness, career exploration, and mentoring all in one.”


  •   How best to prepare for a new job and career
  •   How to cope with the transition from sport
  •   Explore job opportunities
  •   How to connect with the right people

Earning her Master of Science in Instructional Leadership, Elise’s thesis was on Career Development for the Student Athlete. Equipped with her M.S., Elise developed her corporate career. Working for Fortune 500 Companies, Elise contributed in a variety of capacities; she led in positions ranging from technology training to new hire orientation bootcamps, and job readiness.

Armed with education on and off the court, Elise focused her passion and experience to create AthletesWork. As founder of AthletesWork she introduces employers to uniquely qualified individuals, and is Coach Elise for student athletes ready to take their game to the next level- in sports and beyond.


TerrianePalmerInterview with Terriane Palmer-Peacock – Update your Image after Sport

Terrianne Palmer-Peacock was a representative of Australia and New Zealand in two sporting codes and used to describe herself as a “tragically dressed” athlete… until she was introduced to an image consultant, and her entire world changed. Terriane got better results at work, spent less money on clothes, and, best of all, her confidence soared and self-esteem sky-rocketed.

With over 15 years in corporate sales, leadership and management roles, she has a wealth of knowledge in training, coaching and motivating people to achieve real world results and success in their lives. Her business, Your Image Your Style, helps people to create an image that works FOR them.


  • How to create a unique style that is appropriate to your new career
  • How to reflect your personality in clothing choices
  • How to create a new wardrobe from a budget
  • The PPW formula – the only way to shop

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SarahMaxwellInterview with Sarah Maxwell – “Relating to Success”

It Takes Teamwork to make the Dreamwork – so how are you relating to those in your team.Join in the conversation with former International Beach Volleyball player and now Master Results Coach, Sarah Maxwell and what it takes to create effective relationships, both personally and in business.Sarah shares some valuable insights and formulas that simplify how to get the most out of your relationships. It doesn’t have to be so complex.

Find out how you can take full responsibility and by being the change within, enjoy more fulfilling relationships.

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KP_smInterview with Kerri Pottharst – “Managing your Athlete Career”

Be your best promotion tool. When Kerri Pottharst won Olympic Gold in beach volleyball in Sydney 2000 (with Natalie Cook) it catapulted her from a moderate profile in a low-profile sport, to a high profile in Australian sport culture. She has since crafted a successful speaking career alongside hosting corporate volleyball gigs and coaching world-class teams. Kerri is still regularly interviewed on radio and TV and has appeared as a sporting celebrity in many Australian’s TV shows, including The Panel, Roy and HG and “Celebrity Circus” as well as driving in the 1998 and 2005 celebrity race of the Australian Grand Prix.

A Gold Medal and high sporting success does not necessarily translate to media and promoting opportunities. There is an art and a strategy to successfully building on one’s sporting profile. Coming from a relatively low-profile sport in Australia, Kerri has managed to position herself with some of Australia’s top athletes both while playing sport and long after her final game.

Get some valuable tips on how you can manage your career outside of sport, whether you are still playing, in transition or long retired.

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Interview with Shelley Oates-Wilding

Shelley Oates-Wilding is one of Australia’s top sportsman and motivational speakers. An Australian representative in three sports, Shelley has achieved the title of World Champion in Surf Ski and Outrigger Canoeing and represented Australia in kayaking at the Atlanta and Sydney Olympic Games. She began her international sporting career in netball before injury cut her career short. Shelley just recently missed out on selection for her third Olympic games and is already considering her next goals. Find out what keeps her going and how she created her success over an enduring career.


Nat_Cook_1Interview with Natalie Cook

Natalie Cook has managed to stay at the top of International Beach Volleyball for over 15 years. The only player to make ALL three finals at three successive Olympics and winner of 1 Gold and 1 Bronze medal, Natalie shares how she has dealt with adversity, injury and self-doubt and some of the extraordinary training she has done to ensure her success.

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