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5 Lessons from The Open Championships, Golf

If it's not up, it's not in.

I used to wonder why anyone would ever watch golf.  I expected it to be slow and boring on TV but over the last several years I’ve gotten hooked, even before the rise of Jordan Spieth. I love the tension that arises

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Back yourself to Win

Eye of the tiger - sustained, controlled aggression with courage - Success beyond Sport

If anything stands out as most important to your ability to win, it is this – how much you are prepared to back yourself! I talked about it in Persistence that goes on beyond Sport and it deserves repeating and elaborating.

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Setting New Targets for Success

Be guided by new clear & inspiring goals and direction - Success beyond Sport

Goals provide you the motivation to move ahead and to do the things you might not like to do . Here are 7 keys that you need to consider in order for you to achieve your goals, whether in the next year, or in your lifetime.

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Success Won’t Happen Overnight…But It Will Happen.

All results take time -

No athlete achieves success overnight. As an athlete you went through years of development, training and playing or performing before you started to see big results. Success takes time. Often the tough times and hard work are forgotten when things start to

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Taking charge of life after sport – It’s up to you!

I have been researching and focusing on athlete transition for over 6 years and it’s been great to see the upward trend of greater awareness and information on the topic, from articles to TV programs. What frustrates me is that

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