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How do you get the same buzz out of life and career as you did out of sport?  How do you win?

Life after sport athlete transitionRetirement from sport can lead to confusion and a lack of identity for athletes, even for those who think they are ready.  It doesn’t have to be so difficult. You have the skills for success and now it’s time to train for the next exciting phase of your life.

Get the methods and exercises used with clients – individuals who have a desire and a commitment to move forward, to change direction, GET RESULTS and create a successful life.


Success beyond Sport will help you to:

  • Overcome the confusion of life after sport
  • Get direction and purpose that inspires and excites you
  • Expand your identity – you are so much more than just an athlete
  • Build a supportive network and team
  • Overcome low self-esteem or confidence and regain a feeling of invincibility   …….and more.

PLUS the book includes a Gift download recording – helps you to create and access an empowering emotional state (Value = $27)

If you are ready to make changes because you are not happy with your current results, if “fine” is not good enough, or you want to continue to grow, then “Success beyond Sport” can help you with that.

Nat_Cook_1Annette has tackled the fear, uncertainty and overwhelming responsibility that an athlete faces at the end of their sporting career, head on. Her 8 winning points and Success Training Exercises will guide you along your new journey as you begin to experience success off the sporting field. She will show you that when you retire from competition, you never have to retire from winning.
5 time Olympian, 2000 Olympic Gold, 1996 Bronze

“Annette has hit some very key points that every athlete can relate to. Success beyond Sport gives very clear cut examples and strategies on how an athlete can transition from sport to the real world.”
JOHN BRONSON Former tight-end for NFL Arizona Cardinals

“Success beyond Sport has been extremely helpful in providing momentum and direction in the career search process that I am going through as a 42 year old. I have worked and trained most of my entire life, but I am at a very different stage in my life and your book has helped tremendously in providing the specific tools and encouragement to identify my goals, my skills, my passions, and ultimately my next career move.”
ERICA WHEELER 1996 Olympian, USA, Javelin



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KP_smAnnette, thank you so much for writing such an awesome book. Now that I’m retired and I’m coaching other athletes in beach volleyball I can use this book as a very REAL reference on how to approach their journey in sport and beyond.

Anyone reading this will not only learn how to maximize their potential on the court while they are still playing, they will also have some fantastic tools to use upon retiring from sport and beginning a new career. You have certainly captured the absolute essence of “winning” in a way that doesn’t necessarily mean Gold. You’ve explained how people can win in life and win within themselves. Because, at the end of the day, it’s all about being the best YOU can be. You have written it with such honesty and directness that any retired athlete can identify with. I have had moments exactly like you’ve explained and would have loved to have read your book back then!
KERRI POTTHARST 2000 Olympic Gold Medallist, 1996 Olympic Bronze Medallist 3 time Olympian