Author: Annette Lynch
Annette Lynch is an Olympian, Inspirational Speaker, Author, NLP Practitioner and Athlete Transition specialist - she has coached, taught and inspired audiences world-wide with her Olympic dream, the champion mindset and her recipe for success. "Success beyond Sport' is her 8-Step guide to redesigning life in a 2nd career, combining Annette's experience with her studies and qualifications as a Master Results Coach and NLP Practitioner. Her book is available on Amazon and Smashwords.

Persistence that goes on beyond sport

5 forces that will keep you going and going - beyond sport

A recurring themes you will find amongst most successful athletes is one of Persistence.  On my journey towards playing for Australia in the 2000 Olympics, I never would have gotten over the setbacks of injuries and partnership changes without persistence. 

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8 Steps for Athlete Transition to Life Beyond Sport


A Slideshare presentation on the 8 Steps to fully transition to life beyond sport. By an Olympian for Athletes, active and retired to fully prepare for a new game in business & life.

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Athlete Identity Beyond Sport – Who Are You?

More than an athlete beyond sport

A life committed to sport can result in a strong identification as an athlete and even specifically with the sport that you play. It’s like we put ourselves in a box with a label and that is all we are. How do you go beyond the athlete identity once the sporting career is over?

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Taking charge of life after sport – It’s up to you!

I have been researching and focusing on athlete transition for over 6 years and it’s been great to see the upward trend of greater awareness and information on the topic, from articles to TV programs. What frustrates me is that

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7 Steps to Changing the Game

Playing a new game beyond sport

Everyone goes through some major changes in life – coming of age; career changes; parenthood; retirement; and more. For athletes, a dramatic change might come earlier in life than expected with the end of a sporting career. These times can

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Personal Leadership

Are you leading your life or do you feel like life is leading you? Are you taking charge of decisions on a daily basis or do you feel like you have no choice? Personal leadership is about knowing that at

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