Success beyond Sport is my vision to empower elite athletes to transition easily from sport to a new and fulfilling career, providing them with a new focus, strategies, identity and a greater sense of purpose

Annette Lynch Olympian

Aloha from Maui, Hawaii.  My name is Annette Lynch (formerly Huygens-Tholen) and I represented Australia for 15 years in Indoor and Beach Volleyball and in 2000 I achieved my big dream of playing in the Olympics.

The game change after 2000 was not easy. A fierce competitor on the court, I was not fully prepared for retirement! I retired 3 times over 6 years before I came across the answers that helped me to take charge and change my Game and my life.

I stepped back into training – this time off the sporting field, to become a certified Master Results Coach, a Trainer and Practitioner of Neuro-linguistic programming and Hypnotist.

I became a trainer for one of the world’s prominent coaching and training organizations – Christopher Howard Companies, teaching the latest and best in the science and technology of human transformation.

Annette Lynch Athlete Transition SpecialistMy experience and studies on transition and change became the basis for the program and book, Success Beyond Sport – How to Retire From Sport and Keep Winning.

I applied what I had learned of the power of the mind and quantum physics to create the signature 8 step program to help other athletes create the success off the sporting field.

Successful transition is more than choosing a new career. It involves identity, values and beliefs.  The book detailing my journey and the Success Training exercises that you can use to transform your own life is available in hard copy or ebook form.

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  • Master Results Coach & NLP Practitioner
  • NLP Trainer
  • Master Hypnosis
  • 2000 Olympian – Beach Volleyball
  • B. Physiotherapy
  • Speaker at 2009 IART Conference (Institute for Athletes in Retirement and Transition)
  • Trainer for Christopher Howard Companies (2008-2010) – taught NLP in UK, US and Aus