Success beyond Sport

  • Are you a retired athlete…or getting to the end of your sporting career and wondering what’s next?
  • Do you want to feel the same passion and excitement you got from sport and more?
  • Are you committed and driven to doing what it takes to win in life?

It can be challenging for professional, elite and collegiate athletes to leave a successful sporting career behind and move on to a new life.  You’re suddenly on your own, without your team-mates and no clear direction or purpose.

It can be confusing……. even if you thought you had it all figured out.  If you are going through this, you are not alone.

Statistics show that the majority of athletes (up to 80%) go through some form of post-sporting blues and even depression.

Hi there, my name is Annette Lynch and I know what you are going through.  I’ve been there. After representing Australia at the 2000 Olympics in Beach Volleyball I thought I was ready for life after sport but it took me 6 years, bouts of depression and 3 retirements to find a new direction that I was passionate about.

A big part of the problem is that most athletes keep it to themselves, thinking they should be able to cope, they are better than this. Unfortunately, this tends to prolong and intensify the inner conflict.

Even highly successful athletes face a challenge in the transition.

Even athletes that think they are ready and prepared for their second career find that they don’t know all the steps it takes to move forward.  No matter whether you achieved all your sporting goals or not; retired early or late in your career, odds are that life beyond sport is challenging….. in some small or big way.

It is common to hear athletes asking:

……..”Who am I now?”
…….”What do I do now?”
…….”Will I ever feel the same passion that I did for my sport?”

After having a career that brought so much reward the retired athlete can feel a loss of identity and may now feel unfulfilled.

What now?

As athletes, you do know how to set and achieve goals, you do know how to focus and you do know how to perform. What if you could apply these same resources to a new career? What if you lived your life with the same drive and passion you did as an athlete?

Success beyond Sport offers a solution for effective athlete transition.

The turning point for me was attending seminars and personal education that opened my eyes to a life ahead of me.  I was setting goals and finding new confidence in my self and my abilities outside of the sporting arena.  I was once again driven and determined to succeed.

What will be your turning point?

Success beyond Sport is a program born out of both my experience, my studies and my research of what is takes to re-create success in a second career.

Successful transition takes more than choosing a new career. Whether you chose to retire or the decision was forced upon you due to age, injury, or performance, the lessons in this program will teach and inspire you to new successes.


If you are ready to make changes, if “fine” is not good enough, or you are driven to excel….. then “Success beyond Sport” can help you with that. Why settle for less?

My 8 Winning Points and Success Training exercises can be done by anybody.  They will help you to:

  • Motivate you to strive for and achieve new successes
  • Expand your identity – you are so much more than just a sportsperson
  • Build a supportive network and team
  • Get direction and purpose
  • Develop confidence and self-belief in business and life
  • Regain the feeling of significance and boost that self-esteem
  • …….and more.

Annette has tackled the fear, uncertainty and overwhelming responsibility that an athlete faces at the end of their sporting career, head on. Her 8 winning points and Success Training Exercises will guide you along your new journey as you begin to experience success off the sporting field. She will show you that when you retire from competition, you never have to retire from winning.
5 time Olympian, 2000 Olympic Gold, 1996 Bronze

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